Iñigo Beitia

I make simple, easy-to-use interfaces and digital products.

I specialize in prototyping mobile and web applications so you can go from idea to product.

Freelance Some of the work great clients have hired me to do
SalesBank Internal Tool

SalesBank is a lead generation and targeted email marketing service. They find the right people and contact them with the right emails at the right time.

The process they use to get emails involves lots of steps and requires lots of manual work. So they approached me with one clear goal: allow them to find more leads in less time.

I learned all I could about their process. I Interviewed everyone in the team to understand what it is they do and why. In the end, I was able to automate their process and cut the time down from several hours to less than 10 minutes. That's a clear ROI.

For SalesBank this meant being able to shift their employees' focus from repetitive non-value adding tasks to doing what they're good at. They were able to expand from just lead generation to email marketing services.

I also created a series of internal application for SalesBank and its clients. Now everyone involved can login to the same place instead of never-ending email threads.

To make this possible, I designed and developed a Chrome extension, a CRM, an advanced web scraping system and a distributed queuing system.

The app looks for social accounts associated with a prospect. Demographic, employment and location data is also made available to create targeted lists.

Users can also track their sales activities within the app or export data to an existing CRM. The goal was to automate their process as much as possible.


Helix allows users to travel effortlessly. They offer on-demand luggage delivery for business travellers. Instead of taking your bags to the airport, Helix comes to your house and delivers them to your hotel.

Helix hired me to design and develop a great mobile experience that would allow users to schedule pickups.

I was in charge of designing and developing the first version of the Helix mobile app and API. I worked closely with Helix's CEO and quickly prototyped and delivered refinements to the mobile app.

We worked super fast, making quick changes and pushing to testers in hours. Going from "What about this?" to a working feature in hours.

Helix was able to turn their vision of better travel into an actual app.

The app was built using PhoneGap and Ionic. The backend was built in Node.JS and hosted on AWS. The API I developed integrated with FedEx, DHL and USPS. Payments and card tokenization were handled by Stripe to allow users to easily and safely pay with their cards. Users could also connect their Concur accounts to expense their business travels.

This project is a great example of integrating with existing platforms to deliver a unique experiences.

MVP Development UX/UI Design API Development Ionic AngularJS PhoneGap API Integration Stripe Concur

RoleCall connects actors and people looking for actors. Casting directors, indie film makers and online video artists can use it to find talent for their productions. It's casting in your phone.

They hired me to explore different possible experiences when bringing casting to mobile. I designed several concepts and translated the most interesting ones into working apps.

RoleCall was able to validate their idea with actual users and find the most engaging interactions.

To create interaction prototypes, I used Framer.js, Velocity.js and Flinto. Working concepts were developed using Ionic and the Parse API. I developed both iOS and Android versions of the app.

MVP Development UX/UI Design Prototyping Ionic Parse AngularJS
Projects Products and services I have designed and developed on my own

ForwardJob makes outsourcing as easy as sending an email. Email us your work and we'll find the right person, review their work and send it back to you.

We eliminate the hassle associated with outsourcing tasks online. Don't waste time finding workers. Don't waste time setting up contracts. Don't worry about receiving low-quality work.

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Is your inbox overflowing? Re:Serious allows you to filter out time-waster by charging them to email you. Yes, that's right. Charge a small amount to cut down on human SPAM.

Some people use it to offer consultation services right in their inbox. Others use it to offer premium support for their products. And others use it to help a cause by making senders donate to a charity. It's up to you!

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Employment Great places I've worked at
IBM Research

One of the concepts involved the design and development of a platform for discovering and participating in local petitions.

Forrester Research

My goal was to bring the reading experience of Forrester reports to the mobile world. I performed several iterations of human-centered design techniques and exercises to develop the first version of the Forrester Reader For iPad. The app is widely used and loved by Forrester users.

User can access all of their Forrester content including playbooks, reports, charts, and figures without needing to use the web version. A complete mobile experience.

A better reading experience designed based on a deep understanding of user needs. Features like annotations, highlights and offline reading were inspired by interviews and shadowing exercises of Forrester users.